Slice and Dice

Pandora looked up, just in time to hear the bolts fly through the air. She saw them hit Konrad and moved infront of him to late throwing her hot coffee onto the Hunter. "Sorry!" She shouted. "That was such a waste of coffee." She smiled a cocky grin, changing into a Leopard she stood guard of the Vampire, to which when she looked at all she could do was roll her eyes.

She leaned back on her haunches then pushed forward springing upon the hunter, licking the coffee off her face and knocking the crossbow out of her hand. "You have overstepped you boundaries Human." She clawed the Hunters stomach. "Don't try the silver trick either." She growled, sure she was talking human. She jumped back, flicking her silver chains at the floor. "Go on, your fight. Hunter. Is with me, fight me then you may get Konrad. But over my dead body first." She growled peeling back her lips revealing her long fangs.

Quickly she turned to Konrad. "I believe you. Just, stay down." She smiled, "This battle's mine." Her human grin transferred to the leopard through her eyes. All those years in darkness made her really cocky. Wow. I never thought I was that bad. She laughed at the Hunter. "Your turn."

The End

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