Saying Sorry

Konrad was overjoyed. He'd forced Jet to release his curse. That had been one of the sweetest moments of his long, long life. It nearly made up for the feeling of abandonment that he'd felt since Jet had turned his back on him. He needed to talk to Pandora. He needed to apologise. He became the huge Labrador, and ran towards where he'd last seen her. Then, head down, he walked solemnly over to her. Placing his head in her lap, he looked up, eyes full of sorrow, and tried to look as miserable as possible. He was sure it didn't suit him. I'm sorry, Pandora. I really am. It's just... What he did to me... I can never forget it. It turned me into something I don't want to be. just because a woman lied to me, I turned her. I don't want to be like that.

He raised himself onto his back paws and looked her in the eye, about to run a rough tongue all over her face, when he heard a female laugh behind him.

"Game's up, Konrad." Isabella said, as she pointed a crossbow, loaded with magic silver bolts, straight at where his Undead heart was.

The End

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