I had sat down for another mocha, the entire waiting area in view, Roxy right in my line of sight. She was still asleep. I saw a man get up, standing up stiffly and stretching. He walked awkwardly over to the cafe I was sitting at. Next thing I knew, my consciousness was quashed and I slumped forward. The next part was just infuriating, and painful. Konrad had forced his way into my body and was now controlling me and my own bloody magic. He forced me to lift the curse off him. I had been hoping for a fight, not this sneaking stab-you-in-the-back rubbish. He vacated my body swiftly, his presence being drawn back to his body.

Now I'm awake again, I feel horrible, contaminated. His presence had been overbearing and smothering, suffocating me. And I had been totally unable to do anything about it. I'm just sitting here, seething quietly, trying to clean my mind of his essence. In the corner of my vision, I see Roxy wake up.

The End

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