To Steal a Body


Konrad had sent his essence out of his body, passing through the gossamer silver that trapped his body. He floated aimlessly for an hour after he saw Jet on the roof. Eventually, the demon returned to the departure lounge, and Konrad saw his chance. He could sense how confused the demon was, even if he wouldn't admit it to himself. 


David was sitting in the departure lounge, waiting for his connecting flight to Francis International Airport. He was dozing gently, minding his own business, when he felt something else. Another set of thoughts entered his mind... But not his. They were full of blood, anger, rage and hatred. He felt his own conciousness failing. He was losing control of his body... He lost his vision, his hearing... And then he didn't know anything else for a month. He was dissapointed that he'd missed his flight. He'd been going to propose to his girlfriend when he surprised her by returning home early.


Konrad almost roared with joy as he took control of the body. It was... Bulkier than he was used to, but not beyond use. With a little bit of practice, he'd be as athletic as with his usual human form.

An hour later, after ironing out the aches and cramps, and had got used to the body, he scouted for Jet. He was over by the caféagain. Did he do anything but drink mocha? He cleared his mind, and concentrated on the demon. He stretched David's index finger in the direction of Jet, and, after looking like a fool for a minute or so, a bolt of lightning shot out of his finger, a burst of bright light and heat. It hit Jet in the small of the back, and knocked him out for a minute. Konrad left Dave's body, letting it crumple as it had no concious thought to run it, and his essence raced towards Jet. He entered the mind and waited for him to regain conciousness. 

Jet awoke. Konrad could feel his grogginess. He revelled in the demon's pain, and more, how confused he was, still. He then took control of the demon's thoughts and mouth, forcing the demon to spit out the words,

"I release thee, Konrad Du Nighte, from the curse I wrongfully put upon you," and Konrad's body gasped, and his concious was there immediately, pulling him back in like a magnet. He laughed viciously.

The End

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