Airplanes and Motorcycles

Leigh sighed. The day was done, her shift was over and it was, at last time to go home. She might give the airport another chance tomorrow. The money was decent. Maybe she should look at those stewardess jobs that always seemed to open up. Then at least she’d get to travel. But that mean less time on her motorcycle. Her Motorcycle, the thought made her smile.

She stripped off her heals and put on her boots. In one smooth motion and a slight hop she was in her suit. Leigh zipped it up, the image of riding now firmly encased in her head. She walked outside, helmet in hand and bag on her back.

The sky was gorgeous and the weather beautiful. Tonight she’d take the long way home. A good hour ride through the twisties in the moonlight would erase all the strange things she’d seen today.

Leigh stuffed her bag in the tail pack, undid the front lock and started the bike up. As it warmed up, choke fully on, she dawned her ear plugs and helmet. Next came the gloves. Her smile was wide as she threw one leg over the seat. Choke off, first gear and...


Leigh was heading for home.

The End

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