Broken curses and starlight

Night is falling, the stars appearing like miniature lights high up in the sky. I can almost appreciate the beauty from up here. I’m on the roof. It’s quiet up here, and the curse Konrad put on me is dissipating, the silver strands melting and evaporating. They leave thin scorching lines on my skin. I can’t make them go away. I suppose I'm scarred like this, whatever glamour I choose. I don’t even know how I broke the curse. It was effortless, apparently. I suppose it was when I declared myself formally as a Demon of no one. Because Konrad had called me Demon of Lucifer, had he not?

I shrug to myself and decide I don’t really care. It’s gone. Mostly. Just those scars left. Konrad has left the place I left him. Yes, I know I left him his powers, same as he did for me. Not because I have any sympathy, nor was it a mistake. It makes things more interesting. I feed on suffering and a fight definitely causes suffering. I still need the pain other people feel, regardless of who thinks they have a claim on me. I'm in my true form up here, enjoying the wind as it howls over the roof of the airport, breezing around me and my wings. Lucifer must be pretty angry at me. Well, that’s an understatement, really, but you know what I mean. I took all those soul fragments from him. I have never felt so powerful before! I thought one fragment was powerful. I wonder what Konrad is planning next?

The End

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