Two can play that game...

A curse! Pfft. Apparently I can never change for ever again. Forever trapped in a half formed human body. I push it from my mind, focussing on cutting the vampire down to size. A much, much smaller size. The woman says something to Konrad and walks off. He watches her leave and taking advantage of the gap, I stab at him, cutting into his arm. He retaliates, cutting open my glamour. Except it hurts much more than usual. I guess it’s a part of that stupid curse? Ah whatever, I’ll live.

Bored of the sword fight, and sore, I stop abruptly. Konrad lunges forward to take advantage of my immobility, and suddenly freezes, falling forward.

‘You’re stupid, Konrad. You bound my shape, but not my powers. I’m just as strong like this as I am in true form, especially with the help of those souls I stole from Lucifer and my silver!’ I laugh, standing over him. He glares up at me, shouting obscenities that I ignore calmly.

‘I Jet, Demon of no one, hereby curse you, Konrad Du Nighte, Vampiric Elder,’ my lips curl upward in a cruel smile as I return the favour. This is much better than cutting him up into little pieces. Two can play at this game, old “friend”. ‘Never again shall you alter this body, your True Form is a prison, it shall not rot, nor shall you ever have the bliss or freedom of death. You shall never alter, Konrad.’ I finish my own curse, the silver forming quickly, tangling itself around Konrad. My half formed mouth splits into a lopsided grin and I abandon Konrad, leaving him frozen and cursed in the middle of the car park.

The End

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