Get Out of the Way

"Get out of the way, Pandora." This surprised even Konrad. His voice was low, nearly a growl. She didn't move. "I said get out of the way!" She still didn't move.

"Pandora, move, or I'll make you. I tried to make my peace with him, you saw that, and yet even now he tries to make argument. I need to deal with him. You may not understand it, but I have to do it. And I don't care who gets hurt whilst I do it." He became his True Self, a horror. A killer. A sorceror. He was most powerful in his True Form. He stepped back.

"I, Konrad Du Nighte, hereby curse you, Jet, Demon of Lucifer, Souless Abomination. Never again shall you leave that shell, this curse I lay upon you shall trap you forever in that glamour you call a body. You body is a prison, and though it shall rot, you shall not flee it. You shall be trapped forever." and as he finished, strands of silver, as thin as a spider's web, shot out of his finger tips, and encircled Jet. They moved continuously, never staying still. 

"You'll never change form again, Jet. Never again," and he smiled as he said it.

The End

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