Vicious Memories

Pandora ran between them. "Stop it!" She wept. Driving a wedge between them. "I will not have you fight again." She looked more to Konrad than Jet. She fell to her knees the memories still haunting her.

She remember being a kid and being dragged away, but thats it. The only thing she remembers is that which Jet brought up. She started crying. Not only because they wouldn't stop their fighting but also for the memories she lost. "Stop it.." The words became lost in her tears. She looked at Jet, a scowl appearing on her face. Then to Konrad, the scowl faded but she still looked unhappy. "Why must you fight? You are both immortal. This fight will be immortal." She wiped her eyes. "Just stop it!"

"Stupid Jet, broke me down." She thought, but not for long remembering that they could both read her thoughts. "Stupid Mind readers." She almost growled if it didn't become lost in her tears.

The End

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