You done yet, Konrad?

The woman taunts me and I tighten my grip irritated even more. I don’t answer her question verbally, instead fighting my way into her mind. I bring up memories even she didn’t know she had, horrible images that would make most recoil. I force her to watch them, replaying the worst parts over in her mind. I don’t let up on her throat, either, but I make sure she doesn’t pass out, this theatre of macabre images in her mind is too good to let her pass out on.

I lose my grip as Konrad throws himself at me, however and he snarls in my face ‘As was that, Jet, as was that.’ He begins to rip my human body apart. I do nothing.

‘I've had enough of your rubbish, Jet. Get out of here, or I'll do it for you.’ Konrad tells me ominously as I lay there, taking the shredding pain. I use the extra souls I gained earlier to constantly heal myself as he does this. I sigh underneath the tearing claws and inspect my human glamour’s nails.

‘You done yet, Konrad?’ I ask nonchalantly. I grin up at his furious face and throw him off me, my sword returning to me with ease. ‘Bring it,’ I laugh.

The End

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