That was a bad idea.

That S.O.B bounced me like a toy ball and then threw me! I didn’t have time to create spikes to stab her hand with, but I was not going to let that drop. Mid flight, I become a raven, and double back over to the woman and Konrad. I land on a car nearby, watching carefully and just as she and Konrad begin to talk, I cut through the air and attack her. She screams and transforms, slashing at me with those chains.

I fly up into the air and plummet towards her, growing bigger as I fall. I bowl her over and transform again, my human glamour moulding over me. My hand whips out and I grab her throat, pinning her against a minibus. My face isn’t fully formed, my eyes coal black, my teeth are too long and sharp and my whole body ripples with rage.

‘That was a bad idea,’ I hiss, my voice doesn’t even sound human, somewhere between a howling wind and a low rumble.

The End

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