Of course I wasn't


I manage to irritate Konrad the instant we get back. I didn’t think enmity ended just like that, and look who was right. Me. I roll my eyes and transform into a ball again, discovering that I quite like this form. It’s so easy to hold. I drop to the floor and bounce a little, before rolling off across the room. I follow Konrad slowly, tracking the bounding dog figure. He curls up under a car and closes his eyes.

He looks asleep, but I know he isn’t. I get this strange feeling when I hear his thoughts. He’s upset at what I said. Knowing it makes me feel weird. I can’t tell if this is something I’ve ever felt before. I push the thought from my mind. Why should I care about someone that hates me? I’m a demon. Soulless and merciless. Right? Why am I doubting myself? I don’t know. I roll past the wheel of the car silently, sitting behind Konrad, my presence hidden from him by the silver that coats me. I hide the magic on the silver so Konrad can’t feel it. I don’t know why I stay there. It just feels like I should...

The End

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