Escaping Lucifer

Konrad had fought the Devil. The Devil! That wasn't something he wanted to repeat. He was terrified, although he didn't really want it to show. The image of Lucifer was ingrained in his mind. Fifteen foot tall, with horns growing out of his head, jet black and five feet tall, on a humanoid face. He had no idea how to get back to the airport. God's, he thought, what had Pandora thought when he'd dissolved in a shower of black sparks? 

And then he was standing in a tunnel, the path leading his feet up. He was running, running towards a light, Jet behind him. He was almost there. And then two demons attacked them. His armour formed in half a second, his swords appearing in his hands, and in a swirling melee that lasted no longer than thirty seconds, he was clear, and in the light. It greeted him, as no light before had, kissing his skin, caressing it. He ran into it, blinded, and blinked, to find himself panting beside Pandora, and, a minute later, Jet appeared next to him.

"Next time you want to see me, don't make me fight the Devil for you, eh?" he said, and grasped the rogue demon's hand, a smile spreading across his face. He heard Pandora mutter something that sounded distinctly like, "Men!" That just made him smile more.

The End

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