The most ridiculous battle ever fought.

Lucifer’s words echo around my mind hauntingly. I'm going to die. I'm still boiling with anger, though next to Lucifer himself, I feel like a newborn kitten next to a rabid dog. I'm glad that even down here I can still draw on Roxy’s soul. It gives me the strength I need and the magic stays strong. I leap out in a wild, suicidal attack at my superior, and am not surprised to meet a fully formed barrier. I attack mentally and physically, fighting in a way I have never fought before. My desperation shows, but it begins to pay off, the barrier around Lucifer weakening. It can’t be as easy as that, nothing ever is, and this is Lucifer... THE Lucifer. Head demon. The Devil himself.

I battle on anyway, not letting up on my attack, not letting any weakness show, not letting him fool me. In a moment of luck, I manage to harvest several soul fragments from him and gain strength from them. My attack grows even stronger, and I find myself thinking of Konrad. I wonder how his fight against the hunter has gone. I shake my head. Where did that come from?

‘What the...’ I hear Konrad’s voice not far away from me. He stops short as he turns to see me. I don’t spend long looking at him past Lucifer, I have to continue my effort – however futile it might be – to at the very least get away alive. To my surprise, Konrad leaps onto Lucifer’s back and begins to attack viciously, his diamond armour returning. He stabs Lucifer in the back of his neck, giving me a second in which to make my own damaging blow. I make a swift lunge for Lucifer’s throat and force magic along the blade as it sinks into the demon. The sword widens and grows as I sink it further in, twisting the silver into his body. He lets out a terrible noise and shakes both Konrad and me to the floor. As Lucifer writhes on the ground, trying to heal himself, Konrad grabs his sword, makes one final stab and makes a run for it. I follow swiftly, shrinking my sword to the size of a pen knife so it’s not as heavy.

I have no idea where we’re going, or how to get back to the airport. I catch up with Konrad, who has stopped to gasp in the thin air. I put a hand on his shoulder and he jumps.

‘Thank you,’ I tell him. He barely acknowledges my thanks, asking:

‘How the hell do we get back?’ I laugh at his question and shake my head.

‘No idea. Maybe just think of it and we go back, I mean, I thought of you, and you appeared. Better find a way out soon, though. He’ll be after both of us soon.’ Konrad nods and presses my hand back on his shoulder, urging me to think about the airport, hoping that it works. I close my eyes and visualise the room full of people and cafes. We open our eyes.


The End

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