Konrad gasped. He hadn't been sent to meet Lucifer. Jet had dissolved, and he had been spared. His brain throbbed, and he had broken bones throughout his body. His armour dissolved about him, sinking into the ground, and his original clothes formed about him. He used the last vestiges of his power and healed his brain, reforming the cells that Jet had killed in his fury. Brain functioning, he set about regenerating everything else that had been broken or destroyed in his battle. Never before had he unleashed so much anger, so much violence, on the world. Even when hunted by Hunters, he hadn't unleashed his true rage. 

In minutes, he was physically well. But the mental reminder of what he had been, what he had done, and why he had done it kept him paralysed. He thought over his centuries. The lives he had taken, the lives he had influenced. Galileo, Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci. Friends, all. Dead, all. He also thought of the one he had loved. Isabella. The ancestor of the Isabella here today. He had, at one time, loved her. He then found out what she was. A Hunter. He had turned her in his anger. And been hunted by her family ever since. Every female in her line had been named Isabella after her, so they remembered their shame and eternally sought to rid themselves of it. By killing him. 

This line of thought brought him back to reality. Isabella. He had to deal with her. Not powerful enough to move under his own power, he made himself levitate towards her. He loomed over her, reached his hand out to chest. She was terrified. He could see it. He could smell it. But he merely pumped out some energy and healed her chest, and then he drew the silver out of Hunter. He traced the smell of her silver, and found all of her weapons. He melted them in his hand, feeling the pain of his guilt washing over the five digits. Then, he reached into her mind and caged her Power. She wouldn't create any more weapons against him. Yet. He needed to sort out Jet, first. He knew he wouldn't be gone very long, if Jet had his way.

The End

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