Dancing with the Devil

The sword dissolves from my hand and Konrad creates two new ones. He constructs a barrier of black diamonds around him, challenging me. I fly up to the sphere of diamonds and begin to attack it. I begin to break through and I grin triumphantly. My progress is promptly destroyed as I am thrown to the floor, and encased in a ball of lightening. I curse wildly and try to break through. I send out a mental probe, searching for Konrad’s brain again. I hear a cry from somewhere above and feel Konrad’s presence fall to the floor as the cage of lightening fades away.

I keep a grip on Konrad’s brain and saunter over to him. I kick his weapons away from him across the floor and lean in with my own sword. He flinches as the religious symbols meet his forced-open eyes. I smile victoriously and raise my sword, pumping deadly magic along the blade. I bring the sword down with deadly speed and accuracy, and I feel my body dissipate before the weapon even reaches Konrad’s vulnerable neck. I scream and thrash about in the darkness more angry now than I have ever been in all the time I have roamed this earth. Strings of swears tumble out of my mouth in a vile torrent as I stalk across the dark plain. I don’t care how much danger I'm in here, I'm too enraged to care. Whatever gets in my way while I try to find my way back to the airport will not live to see another day.  

‘There you are Jet,’ a horrible voice fills my ears. No less angry, I spin to face Lucifer himself. My eyes narrow and I do not drop my sword. ‘We’ve been looking for you ever since you decided you wanted no more to do with us.’ His voice is dangerous and low.



The End

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