Armed To The Teeth

Konrad screeched when Jet stole his sword and advanced again. Wildly grinning, he dissolved his sword into nothingness. He then created two more diamond swords edged with silver from the displaced energy, and delving into his reserves, he made diamond spikes erupt from his armour, wickedly sharp, and a shield, strapped onto his forearm, appeared from nothingness. Even his teeth became diamond covered, occasionally dripping molten silver into his mouth, causing him inescapable pain. 

He floated above the heads of humans in the room and stretched his arms, as is being crucified. He stopped breathing, the imitation of the human form merely distracting him. He created a barrier of black diamonds about him, and hung there, invisible to everything else in the room. Half a minute later, Jet trying to break his barrier, he suddenly gasped, and a blinding light erupted out of the barrier, and it would have incinerated him had he not been protected by his barrier. He then sent out a pulse of pure energy, knocking everyone off their feet. Then he sent out a single line of lightning. It hit Jet, and created a barrier around him, a ball of crackling electricity. 


The End

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