True forms.

I discarded the glamour when Konrad surrounded me. I didn’t go anywhere; I just became a black speck in the air. I'm not hurt, but the hunter is. Her and the stupid mutt she had with her before. Konrad is posing a real threat now. He’s got his diamond armour and a sword to match. I float above him for a while, practically out of sight, thinking what I should do. Making up my mind, I soar up into the air and hurtle back down, screeching and transforming. I unleash my true form, powerful liquid flesh forming the over sized human again. I form weapons out of my silver, a cross now dangling from the chain still around my neck. Konrad squints and snarls at me. I might be a demon, but religious relics hurt me about as much as the oxygen in the air hurts a human.

I embellish my own sword with religious symbols and coat it with the same silver that clings to my neck. He has diamonds, and I have silver. They might not seem an even match, but I charge towards him, constructing a shield equal to his armour. At the last second, I soar up into the air and Konrad makes a hideous noise as he realises I was feinting. He follows me up into the air and I evade him again, dropping out of sight as he reaches me. Before he reaches the ground again, I launch myself at the leopard. She lashes out defensively with her chains, my sword fending them off, slicing through them. She gasps and rears up latching onto my “arm”. Her teeth slide through me and I bear about as much resistance as viscous oil. I raise my sword to finish the fight with the leopard and realise too late that Konrad is doing exactly the same to me.

His sword sinks into me by about three inches before I strengthen my shield enough to stop his movement. I twist my body, forcing Konrad to let go of the sword. I reach behind me, my arm lengthening to get to the hilt of the sword, and pull it out. Now armed with two swords, my face splits into a jagged pitch black grin as I advance on the vampire.


The End

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