I Was Never an Angel

"Konrad..KONRAD!" Pandora screamed turning into her normal self. She ran up to the creature, placing a hand on its chest. "Stop it. They're as good as dead. Konrad. Calm down." She whispered terror hanging on the end of her voice. She was never an angel, but this was going too far. His anger was frightning.

She looked into those Jet black eyes. She saw nothing but anger. She knew why, but the look in his eyes, it looked as if he was going to turn on the whole airport. "Its alright." She knew it wasn't, infact she didn't know why she was lying but it just came to her head. The sword he still held onto dripped blood. The hunter crawled towards her dog who was also gasping for breath, she turned her attention to the demon. Was he dead? She couldn't tell.

The End

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