Pain and Regrets

Konrad felt his brain dying, the life literally being crushed out of it. His legs crumpled, and he let out a mournful howl. And then the pressure alleviated. His brain healed, and he was still weak, but he transformed. He became his true self. Wings sprouted from his back, nails elongated, fangs growing and face distorting. He felt more powerful, and his clothes changed. They became his ancient armour, pure black diamond battle armour, and a celestial diamond long-sword appeared on his back. He drew it and cried, before launching at the demon, who seemed astonished by this transformation. Diamonds, over two thousand made his armour sword, and they were all imbued with magical power. He was more powerful than he'd been in a millenia. Pure darkness shot out of his gauntlet, and lightning flew from his fingers.

He hacked and slashed at the thing that had once been his closest friend. Even Pandora had stopped attacking, looking at him in shock and awe. He'd never felt anger like this. He spun around Jet, and created illusions of himself, so lifelike they could have been there. 


Isabella looked up at her enemy, or the 5 versions of her enemy that surrounded Jet, slashing him with a huge sword. She instantly knew that she was doomed. Doomed to failure. How could she fight that anger, that rage? She started crying, but found there was a pain in her chest, and she couldn't move. Her chest had caved in, the power of Konrad's blow shattering her ribs. She was lucky to still be alive, and she was sure one of her lungs had been punctured. She crawled over to Hunter, every move extracting a scream of pain. Hunter was still struggling to hold onto life, but his situation was a lot more stable than hers.

The End

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