Three against one.


I hear the leopard use my words against the hunter. ‘Go on; give me a reason why I shouldn’t tear your heart out.’ She says threateningly. I laugh. No one has even attacked me yet. Konrad is facing me threateningly, but doesn’t do anything yet. I receive a surge of fearful energy from the hunter. The leopard looks over at Konrad and I hear her thinking. ‘No! I won't, she is Konrad's kill.’ I almost yell at her, but so far, I’ve not done anything other than soak up the energy. ‘Go on. One reason.’ The leopard says. I smile.

‘Because you have no right,’ I say, a bark of laughter escaping my lips. I feel irritation and amusement from the leopard. ‘Go kill the hunter, Konrad, she’s yours after all,’ I say, smiling. Konrad glares at me and shakes his head.

‘We should sort out our quarrel first, Jet. You... you abandoned me. We were supposed to do this together, fight together, not against each other. We agreed, and you deserted me. To be a pawn!’ he glares at me accusingly. Stung and pissed off, I strike out, scraping his back with a hastily formed claw, my glamour stretching and moulding quickly.

I abandoned you?! I think your brain must be rotting, Konrad. You disappeared. You vanished and left me with nothing! I didn’t know where you had gone, I didn’t know where the vampires had gone, I was lost! Do you really blame me for choosing this path?’ he retaliates with a blow of his own, but it misses as I step neatly out of the way.

‘Pathetic,’ I sneer, reaching into his mind, sending pain through all of his nerves. I begin to crush his brain and he screams in agony. During this, I don’t notice the leopard get off the hunter, so when a silver bullet smacks into my glamour, it takes me by surprise, to say the least. I force it out of my “flesh” with difficulty, which leaves a gap in my defence for the leopard to attack. Snarling, she throws herself towards me. I hurriedly construct a shield in the air before me and she smacks into it.

Three against one... it’s not the fairest fight I’ve ever been in, that’s for sure.

The End

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