Pandora's Box

Pandora walked over to the hunter and placed a paw on her chest, she looked at Jet. The silver bangles around her ankles grew, wrapping around her legs. Magic silver, he had placed it upon her but she learnt to control it, unfortunatly only in form her human self was to weak to perform such magic. "Go on, give me a reason why I shouldn't tear your heart out." She growled. Whipping one of the chains at the floor infront of him as a warning.

She hated this guy. But she hated the female hunter more. How dare she go back on her word and she wanted to honour her family to she brings nothing but dishonour. She was so tempted to rip her apart, after all she was right under her paws. She shook her head. "No! I won't, she is Konrad's kill." She unsheathed her claws the glistening white matched her fur. "Go on, one reason." A strange smile formed on her feline lips revealing her fangs.

The End

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