A Very Temporary Truce

Konrad and Isabella had commandeered radios from security guards in the airport and were reporting to each other regularly. Konrad was a bit annoyed that he'd landed the job of watching the CCTV. After all, he would be better in a fight. And then he saw silver. Not as pure as Isabella's, but too pure to be human. He radioed Isabella immediately. 

"Listen, I've spotted him. He's just come out of the café. I'm going down there."

"No, you have to stay there! Keep an eye on him!"

"No way. You won't stand a chance against him. We both need to be there. Don't argue." he turned the radio off and swivelled around to look at Pandora. "Well, I've found him. Are you coming?" She nodded, and transformed. Konrad did as well, becoming a wolf with a mad look in his eye. They leapt over the security desk and ran towards the café that Jet had just emerged from. They linked up with Isabella and Hunter on the way. 

"Hello, Jet," he growled, knowing the demon would understand him as if he'd spoken English. 

He heard Isabella bring up a small revolver, with magic silver bullets in the chamber. But she didn't aim at Jet. She swung it around and aimed at Konrad.

"I don't know who this is, but if he's an enemy of yours, he's a friend of mine," and she shot, the sound of it causing people to scream and duck. 

Konrad was ready for the shot. It might kill him, it might not, but it would definitely put him out of action, and then Jet would be able to kill him, once and for all. But then a dog howled, and there was a thump. Hunter had jumped in front of the bullet, saving Konrad, who jumped at Isabella and knocked her out.

"We had a truce, you disloyal wench," he growled angrily, before turning to Hunter. The dog was badly injured, blood flowing freely from the wound. Konrad breathed on the wound, and it closed up, but didn't heal completely. The silver stopped his magic from working completely. He then turned and faced Jet.

The End

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