More Mocha

I feel the silver dissolve around my neck. Okay, so my magic isn’t quite up to standard, clearly. I frown and wonder what to do about it. Create my own, clearly. Nothing more I can do. Plus that way no one will be able to steal it from me. I smile and head over to the cafe Roxy and I had sat in earlier. I take the seat Konrad had had earlier, out of sight, mostly. I draw heavily on Roxy’s soul fragment, making the silver and magic from it. I create a single chain link to match the chain I had created before. From here it gets easier. I forge more links, duplicating the one I just made. The power I infuse makes any energy in the air more powerful to me, draws it in quickly and efficiently and is protected from any tampering from that hunter. I create the last link and, worn out, I put the chain around my neck.

It doesn’t take long to replace the energy I spent making the chain with the added power from it. a waiter comes over and asks if I want anything. I order a mocha. Why not? More time to replenish my strength, after all.

When it arrives, I scoop the foam off and add sweetener like before. I gulp down the steaming drink, enjoying the burning heat and get up. Now to find that vampire...


The End

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