Silver Removal

Konrad was at the CCTV desk, vigilantly watching the many screens. He hadn't slept in months, forever watching against Her arrival. Now, he was starting to feel the affects, but he fought it. He vaguely saw a shape enter the doors, but it was the blinding silver that told him it was Jet. The silver humans used was never pure enough to be that bright. She shouldn't have left the silver on him, but it was his fault, really. He did take him outside. That silver had power. It was pure magic, and therefore so powerful it put him to shame. 


Hunter could smell Mistress again. But... From two different places. Then he saw Him. Demon-Man. He had Mistress' silver on him. He growled. That was bad. He sensed the power coming from it. 


She could feel her magic again, the silver that she had created. It was powerful, more so than it should be, but it was her. It would respond to her. There was no way she was going to let that thing use her own power against her. She started muttering and the air, to her, took a faint metallic sheen. She breathed it in and the power infused itself with her. The silver revived her, but the power that it took to remove it from Jet's essence took more. She fainted and hit the floor.

The End

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