Strength regained.

Evening is beginning to set in. I'm sitting in the waiting area, still as a silver ball. I’ve successfully reversed the power of the silver and I'm gaining strength faster than I have ever gained it before. I guess it makes me a pretty powerful little ball of silver. I roll outside again to transform into a human shape again. I give my glamour the same wounds I gave it earlier. It makes me look weaker than I am. I can’t get the silver off, but I find I can shape it. I make it into a fine chain, the kind human men wear around their necks. It looks convincing enough. Konrad and the hunter have banded together against me. A temporary truce. With all the power this chain is giving me, I'm confident. I'm stronger now than I was when I first arrived here. I walk into the waiting area and see Roxy still on the bench, asleep still. She’s missed her plane. What a shame.

I look around for the hunter and Konrad and seeing them nowhere nearby, I crouch beside the sleeping girl. So fragile. I enter her mind and feel the rage stab through her that I have returned. I smile soothingly and calm her mind and soul, quietly collecting a small piece of her soul. I store it away inside me, feeling the connection between us form. From now on, Roxy and I will always be connected and I will always feel her emotions wherever she is. I should have done it earlier, but it’s easier to do this when the person is asleep.

I stand up and take my soothing presence away, instantly feeling the anger and pain flow through her again. Every step I take I gain strength. I smile inwardly. On the outside, I look weak and feeble, brought down by the attacks I’ve had. As I search for my foes, I protect the silver around my neck. Hopefully, the hunter can’t affect it anymore, and it will protect me as I fight. It should, in theory at least, repel anymore leeching silver and any spells she might try on it to change it back to its original purpose. I can sense the vampire and leopard woman from where I am, somewhere off to my right, but I can’t seem to find the hunter and her stupid mutt. It doesn’t matter. I’ll find them at some point.



The End

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