Konrad had been watching the Hunter. He'd seen the silver ball get away. He hated silver, but he hated Jet even more. He bounded forward and collected the ball in his mouth, the spikes not causing him to bleed, although pain shot through his mouth. He felt the ball expand in his mouth and took it outside, placing it under a car in the most desolate part of the car park. That would stunt the re-growth of Jet's power, although not for long. 

He entered the airport and searched for the Hunter. He knew that he had to face her, finally. He'd run from the truth for too long. He walked up to the dog, who started growling at him, but he soothed the animal's thoughts with a tiny amount of power. He then spoke to it, barking. He knew the dog would understand.

"I need to talk to your Mistress, Hunter. There is something more deadly than me in this airport, and you have done well to stop it so far. But we must combine forces to defeat it." Hunter barked back, knowing that Konrad was telling the truth and agreeing. Konrad, not caring about being seen, turned back into his human form, and She gasped. 

"We need to talk. I know you hate me. You have good reason. Your mother has good reason. Your whole family has reason to hate me. I turned her. I resent it. But, that thing out there? That's ten times worse than me. He feeds off pain! He hurts people for fun. I know him of old. Before I turned her. He betrayed me. We have to work together to kill him."

"I know. I've decided that he's worse than you. But, this is only a temporary truce. I still need to kill you. My family needs that to regain it's honour. We've been Hunters for centuries, so for one of us to be an Undead is a great dishonour. We're outcasts, because of you." and with that, she turned and stalked off to keep watch by the door whilst Konrad turned back into a dog, to the astonished gasps of more people, and went back to Pandora, deep in thought.

The End

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