Dog toy

NO! That dog, that stupid mutt, has got me in its mouth! He wanders off with me and took me back to the hunter. This is so, so not good. And as a ball I can’t even do anything about it! Stupid dog. Stupid feeding habits. Taking in Roxy’s pain, I had grown. Big enough for the dog to mistake me for a toy, at any rate. The hunter woman takes me from the dog’s mouth and I feel her happiness. She sees that I'm the demon she had attacked and she slips me into her pocket.

I sit in her pocket, my growth stopped, but not drained. I think I’ve half broken the spell! Roxy is angry at me though... I have no idea how I'm supposed to get back to her. She was a good source. A beautiful glamour and a bit of flattery usually work well. She’s stubborn though. Hmm. Oh well. If she won’t talk to me anymore, I can still use her. I just have to follow her around in a different form.

I sit in the pocket seething, trying to enter the woman’s mind. Eventually out of anger I expand a small part of my side into a spike and push it out quickly. She thinks I'm trapped. So I stab her. Simple. She cries in shock and pain and I feed off the pain, grateful for the replenishment. The energy rushes in much quicker through the silver around me and I expand, the spike still in her legs growing with it. I retract the spike and rip a hole in the pocket and fall to the floor, rolling away as quickly as I can.


The End

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