A Difference of Opinion

Konrad slithered his way between legs and bags again, and found his way back to Pandora, who smelt of that dog, and was being attended to by a security guard. He could hear her thoughts. They were all offensive to dogs. He placed a paw on her foot and thought, Dogs aren't bad. It's the way they're brought up and what they do. That dog is a good dog. It does it's job efficiently and is loyal to it's mistress. It only bit you because you're an Inhuman.

He then curled between her legs, and disappeared outside. He transformed and came back as the huge black dog, feeling so much better in his preferred form. He knocked the guard out the way and licked the bite mark, the blood helping him, and his power helping her heal. In a minute, the wound had become a small white scar. He then sat at her feet and panted. He was almost exactly like Hunter, just bigger and more powerful.

The End

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