Still Hating Dogs

Pandora ran up to the hunter. "Hey, have you seen a cat go past?" She seemed somewhat out of breath. She noticed the dog, and pretended to love them, she Bent down to stroke it. "He yours? Hes beautiful. Pure bred I see." She looked up at the hunter, so she never saw when the Dog turned its head and bit her.

She held her hand to her chest. It wasn't a deep wound but it was bleeding. "Bloody dogs!" She almost screamed but instead a flash of pain struck her face. "I'll have that dog put down Missy!" She hobbled over to the airport security near the doors, keeping her hand under pressure so the blood couldn't flow that well. "If I had my way every dog would be put down! They're all vicious mongrels!"  She reached a guard and explained her situation, the guard immediately ran to get the first aid kit.

The End

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