The Bright Light


Konrad was on on a chair next to Pandora, still in cat form, white with patches of jet black. He had his eyes closed, but, suddenly, a bright light shot through his eye lids, blinding him. He stood and hissed, back arched. The light faded, to a bright pin-point, shining through all obstacles. He tried to avert his eyes but he couldn't. He knew that magic. Carstein magic. He knew who had done that.She had. That dog entered the airport again.  Her dog. It started sniffing. Getting closer. Knowing what to do, he darted away, towards the dog, and led it on a merry trail towards the light. It turned out to be a ball of silver near that woman, who seemed to be storming off. The dog got there and he dodged a swift bite, leaping away.


Hunter followed the cat, leaving Mistress behind, knowing what he had to do. He came from a long line of Hunting Labradors. He had been bred to hunt the Undead and Inhuman. He leapt at the cat, but it escaped. He growled, before smelling Mistress beneath him. That was odd. Mistress also smelled like she was behind him. Looking down, he saw Mistress' silver ball. He liked Hunting, but he liked toys as well. Gripping the ball in his mouth, he trotted back to Mistress, presenting her with the ball.


She followed Hunter, but eventually he came back to her, carrying the silver ball of the entrapped Inhuman. She took it from Hunter and placed it carefully in an inside pocket of her coat. She smiled grimly, but inside she felt elated. She'd trapped an Inhuman, something none of her family had ever done.

The End

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