You could have had all this and more

Sleep was a mistake. The drugs were an even bigger mistake. She was know caged in her body and her body was rebelling against her minds denial. Roxy felt the floodgates slam open and for some reason they looked like the doors of her old cafeteria. Again with the sensory overload but this time it was heightened as it matured with her. Roxy tasted burnt coffee, gasoline...blood. She felt happy, sad, bored...agony. She felt and saw everything all it once and then slowly the visions separated themselves until they were separate threads.

The vision of Jet being ripped apart thread it self around her eyes until it was all she could see. But her body was immobile...Roxy shouted down at herself. But ofcourse she was dead to the world. She supposed this was her consequence for always taking the path of least resistance. Roxy begged and groveled to every god she could think off. If they only ended this nightmare she would never again ignore her talent and it's purpose.

God paged Anita bath. Wait she was back in the airport and for some reason they were still paging those fake names Jet had created. Roxy laughed until she fell of the seats. She lay there and clasped her aching sides. She was in stiches...speaking of stiches. Roxy looked at the flourescent light and simply nodded her head.

But then something was off...Wait...there was two of her. Roxy pushed her hand through her midsection. Great. She could astral project. The was was getting better by the moment. She looked down at her sleeping body and sneered at her physical self.

She shouted down at herself " Why can't you just be normal!"

Suddenly she noticed something gray in her hands. Roxy tried to swat it off but ofcourse her hand did nothing but pass through. Roxy grunted and cursed.

" Get away from me!" She shouted " You want a meal I'll give you a f**** banquet!"

Wll she hoped she could do this...Roxy was anonyed that she was being used again, well no more, She wasn't his emotional ATM'. He would soon see why she had avoided all this power like the plague. The visions were nothing. The hard part was realizing what she could do with them...

Roxy felt the energy flow through her transparent hand. Awesome it was still their because it was connect through her mind not her body. She felt him jerk in her palm and she knew then it was working. Roxy was giving him a taste of everything she saw and felt in the airport. Every wim, Every yawn and just as he wanted to overindulge she yanked back.

She said acidly " You could have had all this and more"

She stomped off and left her body to snore on the seats.

The End

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