A Glamourous Glamour... Well, Not Really...

She had pulled Hunter off the man and tried to find Konrad. She needed to settle the score. She needed to kill him. Now she was following Hunter again, his nose down to the ground. He was on a lead now, she couldn't have him attacking more innocents. He lead her outside, and she squinted as the light hit her.

Hunter leapt again, at the same man! He pulled the lead out of her hand, and she stumbled. The dog was shredding the man's skin. To reveal... Blackness. A swirling, ever changing mass of black. It just seemed to lie there, doing nothing, not even resisting this time. She almost screamed, but then remembered that she shouldn't be shocked by this. She slid a pure silver dagger out of her sleeve, the hilt set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and even a diamond. She lifted it in her hand and threw it, the dagger sinking hilt-deep into the black mass. Jet screamed, and she threw another dagger. He screamed for even longer; this time the dagger had pierced where his heart would be. 

She muttered something, a long and winding incantation, and then she pointed her index finger at the swirling demon. A stream of molten silver erupted from her finger and started winding around the demon. She muttered again, and the stream ended. 

"Hunter! Leave!" and the dog leapt off obediently, trotted to her side and sat down, the dog equivalent to a smile playing around it's face.

The End

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