The vampire puts a paw on my chest and sends a thought to me: Jet, we used to be friends. We can't be that way again, I know that. But we can't keep trying to kill each other. I have other problems. That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gone the way you did. If I had the energy I would have ripped his throat out and destroyed him there and then. Why had I hesitated? I should have just torn his heart out and got it over with. I curse inwardly and Konrad recoils from my anger. He leaves with the leopard and I'm abandoned once again.

Slowly, I'm beginning to heal just enough to extend my senses beyond the five metre radius I had before. I reach into the airport’s belly and drink in every last drop of suffering I can find. I don’t know whose it is or why they’re hurting, but I take it all, desperate and hungry. I regain enough strength to reform my glamour at last. I make sure I look how I feel, in pain and weak. I decorate my human body with wounds and let them bleed. I can feel myself falling asleep. The only time a demon ever needs to sleep is in this state. I close my eyes and let myself drift.

Part of me leaves my body, and I'm drawn straight to Roxy. She’s lying on a bench, asleep. Her sleep is fake and she reeks of worry. She might not feel the effects of her fake sleep, but I can. I can see her last few thoughts, the memories still playing around her mind. I watch her last premonition. It’s of me. Of the fight I had with Konrad. She sees my glamour ripped away, and my true form revealed. The sight of that was what drove her to take the sleeping pills, I guess. Humans are so weak, hiding behind beautiful bodies and when they see what the true form beneath is, they can’t cope. I linger over her for a while longer, taking in the subconscious hurt she feels before leaving. I may be weak, but I can follow that vampire, and I can hurt him if I need to. Maybe sleeping isn’t so bad. It has its uses.

I zoom across the waiting area, searching for the vampire and the leopard. Unable to see them, I guess they’ve transformed again. I see the woman with the stupid dog that attacked me, and the dog, sensing me passing close by begins to bark wildly. Suddenly, I'm returned to my body and I wake up. I growl to myself and try to move, and find myself still too drained to move myself. It’s taking a lot of energy just to keep the glamour in place. I stop the blood flow and lay there, my mind empty and searching.


The End

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