He was talking to her and she was answering. She was rambling. Roxy was good at rambling. She had told him what she had felt for him on the surface but hadn’t delved any deeper. She gave him her truth as she knew it in the moment. The truth was she loved him. And she didn’t know why. She knew why she was attracted to him. He was good looking that was obvious but why had her heart submitted so easily?


“I don’t fear the truth…” Roxy muttered


And it was the truth.


She knew he would want her to elaborate but she wouldn’t. She would change the subject. Before Roxy could silence the topic a dog started barking and running towards them. Roxy’s face bleached. She gripped on to her purse. This was not going to end well…Roxy instinctively leap away from the table and fought the urge to run away. She had prescription sleeping pills in her bag. She had a good reason for them…but she doubts her probation officer would even hear her out.


Roxy gasped as the dog leap up at Jet. She tossed her bag aside and ran to his side. He pushed her away and cursed “Just stand back”


Roxy was annoyed at being treated like a helpless female but complied she didn’t want to distract him. Roxy closed her eyes tightly. She didn’t want to see his beautiful face get ripped apart but it looked worse to her from her behind her eye lids. She saw his flesh being ripped apart and exposing shiny black skin and leathery wings. The dog had no chance…really…Then his spine straightened and his dark eyes focused on her…They appeared to be nothing but pupils or perhaps onyx stones. Either way they were almost impossible to read. He snorted and walked up close to her. Too close. So close that they could have swallowed each other’s breath.


Roxy slammed her eyes open and immediately set work repressing her “talent”. As a result every other sense turned duller as well. She just stared numbly as Jet pushed the dog down roughly and needlessly. He shouted something to the Lady. It was shouted…so she guessed he was mad. Then Jet stormed off. Roxy watched him trod off and out of sight. She was still nodding even though there was no to see it. Slowly she slipped into her chair. She saw that there was money on the table and wondered whose it was…


Then she remembered about her own purse. It was still in the middle of the floor. Roxy nearly tripped getting out of the chair. She staggered to her bag. The moment she picked up her bag, she remembered about those pills. It was if they were calling out to her. She would answer the call. There was no debate about that. She watched herself unscrew the lid of her meds and pop them in to her overly dry mouth. She quickly chased them down with cold cappuccino.


Roxy went back to the benches were she would let safe stage three sleep take her. She never had visions in stage three sleep only. It was the perfect solution. The perfect drug. She could prevent her gift from over whelming her and forget what she had seen. Roxy stretched out on the benches inside the waiting area. She grunted and tried to find a comfortable angle; finally she gave up on comfort and just stared up at the TVs like everyone else.


Her last conscious thought was, was on how symbolic her vision was. Her mind had portrayed Jet as a monster. Clearly the battle between head and heart hadn’t being eternally resolved.


Roxy’s eyelashes sealed tight. Blackness quickly claimed her but yet it didn’t

The End

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