Eugh. Dogs.

"Where are you off now?" She thought. She didn't want any harm to come to him but she was getting tired of following him around. She changed back into a human. She knew hanging round with him would cause trouble but, it was interesting.

She stood looking at the cat. She was getting tired, she hadn't ate in ages and all this fighting was doing her too good. She rolled her eyes, her stomach growling slightly but she ignored it. The horrible smell of dog hit her again and she lost her apitite. "Eugh. Dog." The strong horrid smell hit her nose and she nearly threw up, how could humans think they were cute?

Okay so it was good to see the dog attack the demon but still, she hated it. It had mangy fur, evil eyes and constantly drooling. She could hear the dog panting followed by the smell of dog breath. Suddenly she hated her sharp senses, but even more that damn dog.

The End

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