Old Friendships Die Hard

Konrad looked at Jet lying on the floor, innumerable limbs flailing weakly. He felt responsible. After all, if he hadn't 'spoken' to Jet, he wouldn't have come outside, and therefore wouldn't be on the floor, to weak to move. He transformed, back into the cat, and nimbly dodged the arms and got to what would be the face in a human. He placed a paw on his chest and thought, Jet, we used to be friends. We can't be that way again, I know that. But we can't keep trying to kill each other. I have other problems. That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gone the way you did.  

He knew he was hurting, mentally, and so he retreated, not wanting the demon to regain any energy yet. He'd banish him later, if it came to it, but first he had to sort out that woman. She was hunting him. Even if she hadn't managed to control the mutt yet, she'd be hunting him. He needed to change. Forcing more energy into the transformation, he changed the colour of his fur. He was now a pure white cat with glittering jet black eyes. An unfortunate happening in nature that linked him to his most bitter of enemies. 

The End

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