I'll never live that down.

‘I have no right?’ I laugh at her. My cheek is bleeding where she hit me with her silver chain. Unfortunately for me, my own pain does not feed me. So I feel the pain and grow weaker at the same time. Great. She slashes me again and my arm goes numb. I'm so weak now that they might as well be fighting a human. I refuse to let on how tired I am, though. Konrad has called me stupid, essentially, and she – whoever the hell she thinks she is – has just told me I have no right to do what I am made to do; kill. My anger surpasses my survival instinct and I continue taking blows from the woman. I turn, using Konrad as a shield and I back away from her, dragging him with me. Unfortunately, Konrad twigs that I'm tired and uses the fact that he is now my shied to his advantage. Maybe the vampire was right; I'm not as smart as I used to be.

He elbows me and forces me to let go of him. When he is free, the woman leopard thing and Konrad team up against me. They continue their attack until I truly am exhausted, collapsing to the ground in a heap of indistinguishable false limbs. I lay there, retreating to my last reserves of energy that are keeping me alive, desperately searching around nearby for any pain or suffering that I could feed on. I'm too far removed and too weak to search far, so I don’t feel much. I feel the leopard hurting from something, I guessed maybe the silver, and try to draw the numb pain in as a form of energy, but I can’t capture it. Resting will replenish at least enough for me to extend my search for energy, later on. I sigh inwardly. That is the first time I have been defeated in a millennium. I’ll never live this down.


The End

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