Stupid when you think about it...

Pandora jumped up, instantly changing. She ran outside after Konrad, she could smell something was wrong. When she reached the clean air she saw a wierd figure with its arms around what she was quite sure was Konrad. "Go on, tell me why I shouldn't rip your heart out." She placed one paw, then the other on the ground as far apart as she could and roared, her teeth pulled back. She flicked one of the silver chains attached to her form at the demon whipping his cheek. 

"Because you have no right!" The words just seemed to escape, she may have been in form but she knew he could hear her thoughts. Now that she thought about it, running after Konrad, attacking and insulting a demon was the dumbest thing she had ever thought of. The cross, where the silver necklace had been was still burned on her chest even in leopard form. She let out another galant roar. God this is so stupid.   

The End

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