Tell me why I shouldn't

Konrad ripped away my glamour, revealing the liquid black of my ever changing body. The only permanent thing about this body is the set of wings on my back. I snarl and lean forward, lashing out at the pathetic vampire. He latched onto my back, clamping his teeth around my right wing. I screech at him as he rips away at the wing. I manage to throw the vampire to the floor, placing what would be a foot on his throat. I'm not one for movie style combat, with all the talking and carefully choreographed moves, so I force down, intending to crush his throat and stab through his heart while he was unable to move, but somehow he wriggled out from under my “foot”.

I force my rippling darkness into a vaguely human shape, too tall and thin to be human, my liquid flesh rippling as it changes. It makes it easier, in some ways to have limbs formed already. Saves forcing them out when and where I need them, which uses a fair amount of energy and needs sharp reflexes, which with the dwindling energy I have left, is not going to happen. He has attached himself to my wings again, trying to injure me enough to stop me doing anything. My form solidifies as I grow weaker and I can feel Konrad’s attack becoming less urgent. I fall forwards, feigning defeat.

I let Konrad roll me over, and stare into the place where on a human there would be eyes. For me it was a smooth surface, though I could still see. I wait a few seconds, and just as Konrad seems to be sure that I'm unable to move, I jump up, wrapping my arms around his throat, placing my fingers over his heart.

‘Go on, try to bring back my morals. Appeal to my jet heart. Tell me why I shouldn’t rip your heart out.’ I sneer, quietly whispering in his ear.



The End

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