I follow no one.

The vampire has some guts. He jumps up onto Roxy’s shoulders and curls around her neck like a fur piece. I frown.

‘You know what, Roxy, this place has really, really appalling animal control. Let me take the cat to the security guards, okay?’ I reach for the vampire cat. He hisses and Roxy begins to protest, but I drag him off her neck anyway. He dug his claws in to try and stop me, but only scratched her shoulder. Her stab of pain helps me grow stronger, and the vampire seems reluctant to leave as blood wells up from the scratch.

‘Sorry, Roxy,’ I lie. ‘Look, today has been a bit up and down hasn’t it? Almost a disaster... but wait here, get yourself another cappuccino or something,’ I say as I hand her some money, ‘and I will be back as soon as I can.’ I doubt Roxy is the type to wait around if she’s being messed about, but I'm confident I will find her later anyway, even if she decides to run off. I hold the cat by the scruff and take it outside. I throw him to the floor and he transforms into his human form mid flight, landing in a crouch.

‘An impressive trick, that,’ I say referring to his quick transformation. He doesn’t smile, but I do. ‘Old friend indeed. What’s on your mind, Konrad? After so many years... what brought you to come up to me like that?’ I ask, suspicious.

‘I am not going to let anyone else get hurt just because you’re here, Jet. You,’ he said, ‘are the worst of us all. Demon! Come on, you’re just a pawn taking orders from Lucifer. You’re despicable, really. I may need the lifeblood of a human to live, but you survive on their suffering and pain!’ my eyes narrow and I feel my posture changing into an aggressive pose.

‘I follow no one, Konrad. You may be a vampire elder, and have worked your way up the ranks in your time, but so have I. I got far enough for them to not be able to do anything about me breaking away. Think of it as being a freelance demon, if you like. I have no master,’ I smile crookedly and watch Konrad’s confusion.



The End

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