The Cat and the Demon

Konrad thought it was hilarious! He was, again, laughing as much as his cat form would allow. Jet had been attacked by the dog that was searching for him. That dog knew its stuff. Jet was out of order, hurting it. He needn't have. Konrad knew that. He put a paw on Pandora's knee and thought, Pandora, please wait for me. I must sort out that man. He needs bringing down to Earth. Or Hell, as he would have it. Leaping onto her shoulder, he used his teeth to break through the chain around her neck. His mouth burnt and tasted of acid. She gasped in surprise and relief. He disliked leaving Pandora, but knew that the thing between Jet and him was dangerous, and he wouldn't have her hurt on account of that demon. 

He turned around and slunk his way over to the café. He needed that woman to leave. He couldn't let anyone else get hurt by this. The enmity that he'd felt since Jet had abandoned him had led to many bad things that he regretted. It was one of the reasons that the Hunter was after him. He placed a paw on Jet's foot and thought, There was no need to harm the dog, Jet, old friend. He then leapt onto the astonished girl, and curled around her shoulder. He looked back at Jet and his red tongue poked out from between his black jaws and pure white teeth. He swished his jet tail in the girls face.  

The End

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