Hunters and their dogs.

A black dog growled not far away from Roxy and me, and launched itself at me. The woman it belonged to yelled, but it wasn’t listening. It knocks me over and off my chair, pinning me to the floor. It begins to attack me, biting at my face and torso. I growl at it, the noise low and ominous. Roxy jumps up to try and help but I tell her to stay where she is and to not look. I think she listens to me, I can’t see with a dog trying to rip my glamour apart.

I'm trying very hard to keep control of my glamour, making sure it bleeds the right colour and doesn’t look as though I would need a hospital. I throw the dog off, get up and kick the creature in the side. It whimpers and circles me. Before it can leap at me again, I jump on top of it, crashing to the floor with it. I roll it onto its back for good measure and hold it down for a few seconds.

I grab the dog’s collar and drag it over to the woman shouting at it. ‘Keep control of your dog, woman, or I will sue you for everything you have got,’ I threaten her loudly; making sure the glamour I'm wearing is bleeding freely where the dog tore at my face. I look around the room as I hand the dog back to her. I can feel the vampire’s presence still. He’s not far away, I get the feeling this hunter is looking for him too. This should be interesting – a race to the vampire. Whoever gets there first gets to kill him.

I stalk back over to the cafe and tell Roxy to wait for me, ‘I need to go clean up,’ I walk off without waiting for a reply. I crash into the men’s and lean over the sink, looking up into the mirror. My eyes have gone black – the first crack in the mask – and the blood from my glamour isn’t the right shade. I correct the details and hope that Roxy didn’t notice. I grab a wad of tissue from a cubicle and hold it to my face, letting the blood soak into it as I walk out, back to the cafe. Roxy pulls me into a hug when I get back, which I accept, but don’t return. Hunters and their bloody dogs! I sit down and glare out over at the woman and her dog, not really listening to what Roxy is saying to me.


The End

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