The Cats - Hunter and Hunted

Konrad was very nearly accosted by a young child, but the woman with it was right. Never pet animals you don't know. Especially vampiric ones. He dodged around the child as it was tempted away with ice cream. He hoped Pandora was following him, but he wasn't sure. He threaded his way between feet, seats and dumped bags. He knew she was here. he was hunted on two sides, and he really didn't need that. Jet and her! This was unbelievably bad luck. 


Hunter led the way through the airport, nose down and hackles starting to raise. They were getting closer. He jumped bags and chairs, pushed through legs, and she followed him. Cats. They couldn't have got far. Not far at all. And then Hunter stopped. They were at a café and he was growling at a man sat at a table with a young woman. She noticed she was starting to blush. Hunter launched himself at the man, and she cried out.

"Hunter! Get OFF him! Get off, you stupid thing!" 


Konrad heard her yell. He laughed, as much as a cat can, and then curled into a corner with a good view of the waiting room. 

The End

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