First impressions and painful truth

Roxy is lying. I can feel it. I can feel her fear as well, as a memory surfaces in her mind. I watch it as it replays in her mind. I smile and feel my health improving all the time. I let the memory finish before accusing her of lying.

‘No, I'm not,’ she stares me in the eye and I return the gaze easily. She looks away quickly.

‘You haven’t told me what your first impression of me was either. We went off on a tangent. You asked me what I wanted you to say. I want you to tell the truth, for one. The truth is the best approach to everything, ninety nine percent of the time. Even if it hurts,’ I say, my eyes hard. Especially if it hurts and I'm nearby, I add silently. She nods and looks back at me.

‘Well, my first impression of you... hmm,’ she trails off, thinking, ‘My first impression of you was that you’re confident, sexy. Very good looking. Just generally fascinating and attractive,’ she blushes, but tries to hide it. ‘What about you? What was your first impression of me?’

‘My first impression of you was that you’re outgoing. A bit of a rebel. I got the feeling you were hiding something under that loose outfit you had on. I was right about that,’ I grin at her mischievously. I can feel the vampire and his companion moving away. They’re disguised as cats. I want to follow them, but Roxy is a very good energy source at the moment, and I would rather be at my strongest when I next met with that stupid vampire.

Roxy smiles and I notice a thought flick across her mind but she pushes it away before I can see it. Silently, I follow the thought, and bring it back. It’s her imagining what it would be like to kiss me. Hmm. I could use this. Well, I could if I wasn’t busy thinking about that vampire.

The End

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