I can't deal so I won't

Roxy lied and didn’t tell him she had her first vision when she was in Jr. High. She was baby sitting. This kid…Bailey. He was five and obsessed with cars. Roxy sat on the carpet and played smash and crash for him for a while. Then she let him stay up way past his bed time and play cars of course and of course they had to be crashing.

She sat on the chair and tried to keep her eyes open. Sound got muted as her eyes got heavier. Then all of a sudden everything reversed. Her body was in sensory overload. She saw Bailey’s cars crashing into each over on the highway. Bailey’s sound effects turned into screeching metal and screaming. Roxy couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. And then all of a sudden silence. There was no noise. Even as she watched one car go up inflames. She smelt the gasoline burning and she could taste it on her tongue. But there was no one there to hear them dying.

 Roxy woke up on the floor. Bailey was driving a car up her arm and then over her hair. And then muttered something about driving in a grassy field. Normally Roxy would have smirked and joined in but she still felt…tainted.

Roxy slowly got up and sat down looking at the cars. She took them and placed them all next to the fire truck and the ambulance. Bailey looked at her puzzled but did not move them. He looked at them and then backed up. Inch by Inch he moved while they both stared at the cars. They both sat up and waited to see if she was able to play god.

Roxy found out soon enough... Bailey’s mother and father got hit by some middle age partiers. The driver had been drinking. Bailey’s mother was in a coma in the hospital she had spent to long without oxygen in her brain. Two months later she finally woke up. But she wasn’t the same. She was more like Bailey now…but that wasn’t a good thing. Bailey’s father had died on the way to the hospital. The Drinkers suffered minor injuries. There was no fire…No smoke. Just two cars One hitting another and another moving out of the way and into the rocks.

The day after the accident Roxy started smoking pot. She just couldn’t deal with the crushing feeling of responsibility and duty. She wanted to smoke it all away. She was twelve. She hadn’t even been to her first boy, girl party how could she go out and save the world?

The End

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