I don't know why...

Jet looked at her too deeply, to expectantly like he already knew the answer but he still asked “What do you think of me, honestly? I’ll know if you’re lying.”

 Roxy looked at him annoyed. How are he ruin their perfectly light flirtation by asking a question like that? It was a clear leading question. She supposed if she remained humorous and light it just might lead to a kiss. But she didn’t want that. Ok she wanted that but she wouldn’t let herself have it…They only have four hours  and thirty minutes left together. She didn’t want to imagine this being more than it was. But she did anyway.

 Roxy looked at him. He was still staring at her. He was trying to read her. But she knew he wouldn’t see anything. There was nothing to see. She was a messy ball of confusion. She didn’t know what she felt.

 Roxy knew she was taking to long to answer and probably looked like a thoughtless immature girl but it didn’t stop her from getting that far away look in her eyes. In her mind she was at the fountain in the mall. When she was five her mother use to hand her change to throw in it. Now she threw in her own change. She stared at the pennies and waited for the wishes to turn into fulfilment and happiness. But they didn’t. They never did. Then she just stared at the stationary water. She slowly dipped her hands into the cold water liked she did when she was little. She watched little circles form and drift away from her hand. It was hear she found clarity.


She slowly looked back at Jet and bit her lip. She wondered how he would take the truth. When she herself couldn’t understand it.


“ I don’t know…I don’t know you but I like you. I don’t why I like you. I don,t know…” Roxy muttered

She looked down at her cappinico and dipped in a thin spoon and stirred. She watched tiny waves drift from the spoon and disappear into the edge of the Styrofoam cup.


Jet crinkled his forehead. “What was your first impression of me?”


“No two part questions. It’s against the rules”

 Jet clasped her hand. Roxy slowly looked up. Jets eyes were blazing and determined. Like someone who wasn’t going to take no for answer.

 “Forget the rules” He muttered softly “Let’s just have a conversation”

 Roxy slowly moved her hand away and slammed it against the table “What do you want me to say? That I don’t know why I do half of the things I do. I just do them! If it feels right…”

 “So you just had a feeling…have you had a lot of these ‘feelings’?”


“What are you suggesting?” Roxy looked at him warily. She didn’t like where this was going.

 “Have you ever had any premonitions?” Jet asked

 Roxy laughed and kept it going too long. She wiped the tears of glee from her eyes and shock her head.

 Jet looked at her determinedly “You haven’t answered the question”

 Roxy lied and said “Of course Not!”

The End

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