"Kitty!" One of the two boys screams as Leigh was trying to take them to the children's area.

Once he said it, the other boy started. "Kitty? Kitty? Where Kitty?"

"There!" They dragged her over.

"Don't touch," Leigh liked cats, but these two just felt mean. "Never touch an animal you don't know."

"But I wanna pet the kitty." Oh god that whine, she thought, how is it all kids manage that whine.

Liegh pulled herself together. She was on a mission. She just had to keep the kids away from their parents until SS got here. "How about we go get you some ice cream?"

"Ice cream?" They echoed. Their focus moved form the cats to her.

"Yes, Ice cream." Leigh was releived her distraction worked. But what was with the airport these days, she wondered, forever delays and now pets roaming free. I just might hand in my resignation after these kids are taken care of, she thought, maybe just ride my bike off into the sunset. Leigh smiled, that idea apealed a lot to her right now.

The End

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