Childish games

Truth or dare? Is this girl for real? Paging a fake name. Hmm. Childish, but the embarrassment of the person calling out the name might be good for me. This could turn out to be quite a good game after all.

‘Ok.’ I get up and leave the table, feeling her watch as I walk over to the help desk.

‘Hi, I was wondering if you could help me?’ I smile politely at the woman behind the help desk.

‘Certainly, how can I help you?’ she asks smiling falsely.

‘I need to find Mike. Mike Rotch. We got separated somewhere along the way here, and I need to know where he is. Could you let me know if he turns up? I’ll be in that cafe over there,’ I say pointing to a cafe near to the one Roxy is sitting in waiting for me.

‘Certainly, sir.’ I walk back to the cafe confidently and wait for the tannoy message.

‘Well? What name did you ask them to page?’ Roxy looks up at me expectantly.

‘Be patient,’ I smile as I sit back down.

‘Will Mike Rotch please report to the help desk?’ the message shouts out. Roxy giggles and does her best not to snort cappuccino over the table. I grin and sense the confusion of the person calling out over the tannoy and then the realisation of what they were saying. It feels like a starter to a three course meal. I relax into the game and we do a few more stupid names, like Drew P. Wiener, Betty Banzger and Anita Bath. It was childish, but I guess it was “fun”.

‘My turn!’ I say with half faked half real enthusiasm. ‘Truth... or dare?’

‘Hmm. Truth, this time,’ She says thoughtfully. I think about it for a second.

‘Okay. What do you honestly think of me? I will know if you’re lying,’  I tell her.


The End

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