Truth or Dare

Roxy ignored the stab of envy and the couple kissing. She didn’t need love she had high heels and a bad  attitude.. She wanted love but she refused to be stupid about it. She would have some.

 “Do you want to play truth or dare?” She blurted

 Jet raised his eyebrows “Aren’t we a little old for that game?”

 “Do you have a better idea?”

 “I just think it’s a little juvenile”

 “Live a little grandpa. Truth or dare”

 Roxy focused a determine stare at him. Jet rolled his eyes and muttered “Dare” but underneath his reluctance Roxy could sense a bit of amusement at her antics.


“Ok, umm…Ok now I have to think of something…”


“Why don’t we just drink our drinks like normal people…?”

 “Shh…I’ll think of something quickly…Okay…I dare you to ask those airline people over there to page  I.P. Freely or something, I don’t care”

 Jet rolled his eyes and clasped his head in his hands and muttered “You can’t be serious”

The End

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